10 Best Web Frameworks For Web Application Development

10 Best Web Frameworks For Web Application Development


In this article, you will learn about the 10 best web frameworks for web application development. You can call them web application frameworks or just simply “Web frameworks”.

Web frameworks may sound a bit tech sophisticated but in simple words by web application frameworks or just web frameworks, we simply mean a piece of software that is used to support the development of web applications.

Web frameworks also use for enhancing the working capability and adding extra features to web applications. You can call these web frameworks as libraries that help a developer to design or develop web applications faster and efficiently.

By web applications, we mean web services, web resources and web APIs(Application Programming Interface). With the rapid increase in technological advancement and faster development requirement encourage developers to come up with fast and improved web frameworks.

In today’s time, there are plenty of web frameworks available in the market. Sometimes it becomes confusing to choose from the number of web frameworks that which web framework is most suitable for your project.

To make your selection easy I have compiled the 10 best web frameworks for web application available so far. You can choose and work with your desired web framework.

1.Ruby on Rails Web Framework

First thing first please don’t confuse it with Rubi(Programming Language) because it is not but a Web framework. Ruby on Rails or simply Rails is a web application framework written in Rubi programming language. In this framework HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages are used to developing the UI(User Interface).

It is developed by David Heinemeier Hansson. Rubi on Rails greatly supports the Model-View-Controller or MVC which means that a developer can develop any web-based application much faster and efficiently than a normal Java framework.

Written Langauge: Ruby

Rubi on Rails Latest Stable Version: 6.0.1

Framework Link: http://rubyonrails.org

Github Link: https://github.com/rails/rails

Websites using Rails: GrouponUrbanDictionary, Airbnb, Shopify, Github

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2. Django Web Framework

Django framework is another wonderful web framework that is really useful in respect to making really cool web applications. It is a Python(Programming Language) based, free and open-source web framework.

The primary goal behind creating this framework is to catch the fast-moving schedule deadlines without compromising the quality of the web application or you can say product for the customer.

The users or developer that uses the Django web framework shares their views as the applications developed with this are insanely fast as well as secure. In the Django framework, people often follow the rule that there should no repetition in code as well as fewer lines of code with rapid development.

Written Langauge: Python Programming Language

Rubi on Rails Latest Stable Version: 2.2.7

Framework Link: https://www.djangoproject.com

Github Link: https://github.com/django/django

Websites using Rails: DisqusPinterestInstagramQuora

3. Angular Web Framework

Angular web framework is another famous web framework developed by Google a tech giant company. It is mainly used in building powerful web applications that are easy to maintain.  It provides an easy approach for building a high-performance web application that can be used on a large scale.

Angular uses a system of the component hierarchy as a primary architectural feature of its framework.

Written Language: JavaScript

Angular Latest Stable Version: Angular 8.2.14

Framework Link: https://angular.io/

Github Link: https://github.com/angular/angular

Websites using Angular: Youtube on PS3, WeatherNetflix

4. ASP.NET Web Framework

The first release of this web framework release in January 2002 with version 1.0 developed by Microsoft. It is the result of the advancement in Active Server Pages(ASP) technology.

It is an open-source server-side web application framework useful in developing dynamic web pages and fast applications. A great feature of this framework is that it is built on Common Language Runtime or simply CLR which helps the developers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language.

Written Language: C#

ASP.NET Latest Stale Version: ASP.NET 5 (ASP.NET 4.7.1)

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Framework Link: http://www.asp.net/

Websites using ASP.NET: GettyImagesTacoBellStackOverflow


The Meteor web framework is another greater framework if you need a fast and simple way to develop real-time web and mobile applications. The biggest advantage of this web framework is that it allows you to build cross-platform code.

Moreover the cross-platform allows it’s user to connect with the cloud platform which provides great exposure for deployment, scaling, and monitoring of the application. You have the option to integrate your Meteor project with the world’s famous database MongoDB and uses the DDP(Distributed Data Protocol) which means that the data automatically propagates gets synchronize and the developer doesn’t have to write any piece of code for it.

Written Language: JavaScript

Meteor Latest Stable Version: Meteor 1.8

Framework Link: https://www.meteor.com/

Github Link: https://github.com/meteor/meteor

Websites using Meteor: HaggleMate,  WishPoolTelescope

6. Laravel Web Framework

If you need a web framework that provides you the features of simplicity, elegance and easy to read and write then the Laravel web framework is the best choice for you. It is created by Taylor Otwell in 2011.

It is very easy for a beginner to learn and start building the application in this framework because of the availability of hundreds of learning tutorials of this framework. It is a free and open-source web framework. The original source code of this framework is available on GitHub and licensed provided by the MIT License.

Written Language: PHP

Latest Version: Laravel 6.5.1

Framework Link: https://laravel.com/

Github Link: https://github.com/laravel/laravel

Websites using Laravel: Deltanet TravelNeighbourhood Lender

7. Express

Express.js or you can simply call it Express web framework is free and open-source software developed by MIT. It is mainly available for working in with Node.js. It provides a wonderful set of features for web and mobile application developments.

Express web framework developed by TJ Holowaychuk calling as Sinatra-inspired server which means it is available for a wide range of application development with minimal overhead and many features as plugins.

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Written Language: JavaScript

Express Latest Stable Release: 4.17.1

Framework Link: http://expressjs.com/

Github Link: https://github.com/strongloop/express

Websites using Express: StorifyMyspaceLearnBoost

8. Spring

Spring web framework is another dynamic and popular framework for developing high speed and robust web applications. It is developed by Pivotal Softwares. It is an open-source web framework and mainly uses in the Java community because of its simplicity, portability, and flexibility.

There are many extensions available for this framework for developing web applications mainly in Java EE(Enterprise Edition) platform. This framework does not impose any kind of restriction of the programming model.

Written Language: Java

Spring Latest Stable Version: Spring 5.2.1

Framework Link: http://projects.spring.io/spring-framework/

Github Link: https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework

Websites using Spring: MascusAllocine


Play is another powerful web framework and its written native language is Java and Scala. It is an open-source framework that follows the MVC (Model View Controller) programming architectural pattern.

The main purpose of the web framework is to facilitate the developers to increase the productivity and efficiency of programmers by using convention over configuration, hot code reloading and display of errors in the browser.

Written Language: Scala and Java

PLAY Latest Stable Version: Play 2.7.3

Framework Link: https://www.playframework.com/

Github Link: https://github.com/playframework/playframework

Websites using PLAY: LinkedInCourseraLendUp

10. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter web framework is another framework that is written in PHP and open-source available for free. It is developed by EllisLab and it is commonly used for building dynamic websites.

CodeIgniter web framework is loosely based on the popular MVC (Model View Controller) development pattern. In CodeIgniter, classes are the necessary part of the development in it but views are optional.

Written Language: PHP

CodeIgniter Latest Stable Version: CodeIgnitor 3.1.11

Framework Link: https://codeigniter.com/

Github Link: https://github.com/EllisLab/CodeIgniter

Websites using CodeIgnitor: BufferappThe Mail and Guardian

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