10 Best Website Promotion Ideas That Actually Works in 2020

Building a website is the first step but promoting it is the most crucial task for any business. I have gathered 10 best website promotion ideas that actually work in 2020.

Visitors or customers are like the backbone of any business.  Without customers or visitors, no business can run and flourish.

But fortunately, we are in a digital ear where we have lots of best website promotion ideas and strategies that are really helpful.


Why Website Promotion Is So Important?

A person or business can make a professional great looking website on the internet, but if no one visits it then all your efforts are useless.

That’s the reason the most important task is to produce consistent quality content that is helpful for your worthy visitors.

How can you expect people to visit your website if they don’t know about it? And having a great website promotion strategies is the core thing that you need to work on.

As the internet becomes the most widely used tool there are many opportunities to promote your website through it.

Best Website Promotion Ideas That Actually

In this guide, I have gathered the 10 best website promotion ideas that really work for any kind of website. A person can promote his website with paid methods but not everyone can afford it.

I have compiled the best ideas that will help you a lot in getting maximum visitors for your website.

1. Doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you think about the best website promotion ideas on the internet that there is no better place than Google. Google handles a tremendous amount of search data every single day.

If we talk about statistics Google process over 50,000 searches every second and that’s up to mind-blowing 4 billion searches every day.

Getting a high ranking in these tremendous amounts of websites is a crucial work you can achieve it if you spend time to do your SEO according to the Google algorithm.

Google algorithm designed to rank your website on the basis of many factors.  From your website header, your website design, quality of your content can affect your website ranking.

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The better SEO you have done the higher the ranking you can get in the Google search ranking.

You can learn SEO by consulting plenty of online guides or you can hire some professionals to do it for you.

2. Email Marketing

By email marketing we mean you can send your new product information or the link of your newly published post directly to your client’s email.

This a great way to promote your business or website. You can offer discounts or special offers in your email to your customers.

Managing and marketing your material to these emails can be done with the help of different tools but the difficult thing is to collect these emails.

3. YouTube

Producing video content is a great idea to spread your brand awareness. YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world.

In today’s time, video content is more popular than the straight text and people love to see videos. Video marketing increases the conversion rate by up to 80% for any business. Hence Youtube is one the best website promotion ideas for your business.

People tend to spend much more time on mobile watching videos than to watch traditional TV or cable. Now you can imagine how much exposure you can achieve from video marketing.

YouTube provides the best option as it is a product of Google and it has a great capability to show up in the first pages of Google.  You can add videos into your posts and google ranked it in top pages.

4. Google My Business

If you run your business on a local level then Google My Business directory is one of the best options to promote your business website.

It is free and owned by Google.  You put your business listings and Google will show up in the Google maps with your working hours, phone number and people’s reviews.

It will help people to locate and know better about your business easily.

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it is a great opportunity because nowadays more and more people tend to use mobile devices 100% more every year than regular desktop devices.

Whenever any person searches for a specific business like looking for a gym, restaurant they generally use a feature like “near me”.

Individual or business who uses this get an average 20% increases in their customers.

5. Create A Facebook Page

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. It has the biggest advertising and promotional advantage in it.

You can promote your business by simply creating your brand page on Facebook. You can promote it in a free or paid manner so it is one of the best website promotion ideas.

But creating a Facebook page is completely free. Millions of people around the world use Facebook daily for business or personal use.

You can gather an audience on your Facebook page and offers some special discounts that attract more customers to your business.

With the help of this page, you can also promote your business website, your business address and tell about other services that your business offers.

6. Use Backlink

When some other website puts your website link it is called a Backlink. The more backlink a website has higher rank it gets in search engines.

Google also promotes such websites that have a high number of backlinks. One way to generate backlink is to do comments on your target website with your website link.

Some websites may not like your comments because they consider it spam. So make sure not to spread your comments on every post.

7. Yelp

It is some of the business directories with a great reputation when it comes to restaurant business recommendations. But in general, you can promote every kind of business and gets a free promotion.

You can create a Yelp page easily without spending anything. You can put every kind of information regarding your business on that page so get to know about your business.

On this page, you can put information like your business hours, contact information, your services, etc. You can also get reviews from your customers.

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Having positive reviews is a kind of proof that your business provides great services to its customers. In this way, reviews can attract more customers.

But unlike positive reviews, bad reviews have just the opposite effect on your business so try to avoid them as much as possible.

8. Reciprocal Linking

It is different from back-linking in this linking is made when two websites having the same quality and authority agrees to link each other’s page.

In this way, both websites receive high traffic and ranking in search engine and as a result, their business increases.

9. Create Infographics

Infographics are a way of representing data in a graphical way. You elaborate on your topic in some related images which describe your content step by step.

The benefit of using infographics is that you can show present your data and statistical figures in a very organized and easy to understand way.

These infographics often shared on social media or use in a presentation. You can add a watermark or link to your website.

You have to produce a content-rich high-quality infographic for once and it will get tons of visitors back to your website.

One thing that you should remember is to keep all of your infographics simple and clean so, users can understand them easily.

10. Start A Hashtag Campaign on Twitter

Twitter is the second most popular name after Facebook in the social media network. It is much famous in business and professional circles. Most professional uses their twitter account to engage with their customer on a daily basis.

You can also run a hashtag campaign on twitter among your followers. Your followers will notice it and share it with other people.

By hashtag, we mean a specific word or phrase which is used by a business or influencer.

For example, you can use your official website or business name as a hashtag like I used #WalkIntoPC hashtag. Now when someone clicks on this hashtag they will land on our website.


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