7 Best Chrome Extensions For Students And Workers

Today I will introduce you with the Top 7 Best Chrome Extensions For Students And Workers that will help them in their study and work respectively. These extensions are super easy to use and install. These 7 Best Chrome Extensions will save a lot of your time and increases your productivity so you will finish your tasks on time and with comfort. If you are a student then these extensions will help you keep on making concentration. If you are an employee or worker these extensions help you out in managing things.

If anyone of you doesn’t know what is mean by an “Extension” so you can assume it as a small piece of software that directly installs on your Google Chrome Browser and act like a helping hand and increases productivity and save time and effort. Moreover, these extensions change the browser behavior so it fits according to your needs.

The 7 Best Chrome Extensions For Students And Workers that I want to show you are as follows

1. Last Password – Free Password Manager

Suppose you have many e-mail accounts or you are working on many sites where you put a password for every site to get log-in into the site to access the material but remembering many passwords is not an easy task and some time one can almost forget the password which causes a serious issue some time. But luckily there is a very smart solution for this problem in the shape of the Last Password – Free Password Manager Chrome Extension. It saves all of your website or e-mail passwords securely. If you have a Debit/Credit card and you use it as online shopping or for any other purpose so this Last Password – Free Password Manager Chrome Extension will save all of your credentials very securely.

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You can access your passwords and all of your credentials from anywhere in the world and from any device just with the connectivity of the Internet.

You can totally trust this award-winning password manager chrome extension. You can examine its credibility by the number of people have been downloaded and using it. You will be shocked that it is downloaded by 8.6+M persons including companies worldwide which proves that it is one of Best Chrome Extensions.

You can download the extension from here.  Or want to know more visit the official website.

2. Awesome Screenshot- Screen Video Recorder

If you are searching on the internet and you like some image or a part of the website and you want to take a screenshot of that part then, in this case, Awesome Screenshot- Screen Video Recorder should be your first choice.  With this extension, you can make a video recording, you can capture full screen as well as any selected part of the screen with the ease of just one click.

More interestingly you can Annotate any image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, symbols, and text on your captured screen-shots. And the amazing thing is all of these features are free of cost. But despite these features, there are some other premium features also available which you can use after buying the premium version.

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Download From Here   Want to Know More Visite

3. Grammarly

If you are a student and want to write an awesome assignment or paperwork without any grammar and spelling mistakes and in case you are an employee and want to make a flawless presentation then Grammarly Chrome extension is just fit for you. It enhances your communication by identifying grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing.

It will work on almost every website including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on every place on the internet. You don’t have to worry about writing any kind of letter, blog post or e-mail. Grammarly is very popular among students, writers, business professionals, bloggers, and plenty of people who just want to write better.

Download From Here   Want to Know More Visite

4. Adblock Plus – free ad blocker

If you are tired of unwanted and annoying ads that cause disturbance and headache then Adblock Plus is a solution to this problem. With over Million+ downloads worldwide by individuals and companies both, you can trust this app blindly. This extension also makes sure that no malware injection occurs.

Download From Here   Want to Know More Visite

5. Selection Reader

The function of this extension to speak the English text for the convenience of a reader or one that is not familiar with the English language or its pronunciation. The number of downloads exceeds 1 hundred thousand. It is very simple and best chrome extension for speech reading.

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Selection Reader is simple, fast, and can read out near-unlimited text at once. Just select the text and right click!

Download From Here

6. Block & Focus

If you want to disable Desktop notification or notification from Facebook, Twitter or Youtube when you are working you can disable notifications with these sites and similar very easily with Block & Focus chrome extension. You can make a list of websites whose notification or alerts you want to stop and websites will be blocked and in their place will be shown a motivational phrase.  More than just making a list of websites you can set the timings for break means you can type for how long you want to work and for how long you want to rest.

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7. Save to Pocket

It is very useful and best chrome extension in the sense of saving links or almost anything for future use. Suppose you like something online whether it is article, video or any other website of your interest you can save it for future use with Save to Pocket extension. You can access all your save link anywhere in the world because this extension synchronize the content and you can watch it later on phone, tablet or laptop without the internet connection.

Download From Here   Want to Know More Visite

These are all the 7 Best Chrome Extensions For Students And Workers which will surely make life easy and increases productivity.


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