Advantages & Applications Of Python Programming Language

Brief Overview Of Python Programming Language

In this python programming article, you will learn about the advantages and application of python programming language in different aspects of modern technology that is the cause of or modern society evolution. So, stick with this article and see about the wonders of this wonderful python programming language.

 Python language is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented, and dynamic language and presents the language code in a much easier way or you can say it’s syntax is really easy to read.

It was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. One of the main features of Python programming language is that it performs memory management implicitly that you don’t need to have to separately code for memory management.

Back in the year 2000, Python version 2.0 released with many important improvisations and a garbage collector is of them. After this release Python team didn’t sit idle but constantly working hard for further development of this language.

Back in the year 2008, Python programming comes with a major version change that is Python 3.0. It has come with many major and important changes and improvement such as backward compatibility means if anyone had write code in python 2.0 now this piece of code can be run on Python 3.0.

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Other than this it also has acquired a new design to avoid duplicative constructs and modules. Python widely uses in Object-Oriented, structured programming and functional programming paradigms.

Python is not working solely for his own platform but providing many modules for the implementation of different languages with Python programming language.

For instance, Jython uses Java language for working in Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Iron Python is written in C#, PyPy version written in RPython and it comes with a translated version that is into C.

All the mentioned above implementations work in their native language in which they are written, but far more than this these languages can interact with other languages by using other modules. Generally, all of these modules are open for the developer community and are open source.

Advantages/Benefits of Python Programming Language

Widely use of Python Programming Language is proof that this language has many benefits such as:

1. Providing of Third Party Modules:

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As we mentioned above that Python provides many kinds of free modules that help the Python to interact with most of the popular languages which are the edge of this language. Python Package Index(PyPI) is the package that contains all of these modules.

2. Extensive Support Libraries:

It is a very important advantage of this programming language because Python provides a wide range of standard library which includes how to do operations on a string, web services tools, OS interfaces, and other internet protocols.

As many highly complicated and time-consuming tasks are already available in the scripted mood you just have to go there and copy that and paste in your code and that’s it.

3. Open Source and Community Development:

All the Python code is available for the general public and for the developers. Python developed under an OSI-approved which means it is an open-source license, even if you use it for commercial use it is totally okay.

4. Easy to Learn And Much Support Available:

Python offers easy to learn the syntax and simple lines of code which is easily readable which is the major reason why so many beginners take this language as their first priority these days.

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5. User-friendly Data Structures:

Python comes up with construct fast runtime by using built-in list and dictionary data structures.

6. Good Productivity and Speed:

Python has it’s own unit testing framework additionally it also has its own string integration and text processing abilities and it comes with clean, uncluttered object-oriented code design. All of this when combined makes a fast running and much productive language.

The applications of Python programming language

Applications :
1) It uses in GUI based desktop applications(Games, Scientific Applications)
2) Uses in Language Development
3) Enterprise and Business applications
4) Operating Systems Applications
5) Web frameworks and applications
6) Uses in Prototyping

Organizations using Python Programming Langauge

Organizations using Python :
1) Google(Components of Google spider and Search Engine)
2) Dropbox
3) YouTube
4) Cisco
5) Yahoo(Maps)
6) Spotify
7) Quora
8) Microsoft
9) Mozilla

Other than this, if you want to see the full list of companies that are using Python Language you can refer DZone.

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