How to Connect Mobile to PC Internet Via WiFi

How to Connect Mobile to PC Internet Via WiFi

Connecting Mobile to PC internet via wifi is very easy to do. Here you will learn how you can Connect Mobile to PC Internet Via WiFi. It is very easy and I will walk you through step by step process. This can be applied to any PC (Personal Computer) that has the functionality of hosting enabled Wifi. With the help of this process, you can connect some number of devices but not so many.

After reading this tutorial you will be able to connect your Mobile with your PC Internet via wifi. So let’s get started.


We will complete this tutorial in steps so you will follow each and everything easily. So follow my steps.

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Step 1: Open the start menu located the bottom left corner of the desktop screen.


Step 2:  Click on the setting gear icon to open the setting option window.


Step 3: Now after opening the setting window click on the globe shape icon setting name “Network & Internet“.


Step 4: Now Click On the “Mobile hotspot” option available on the left side list.


Step 5: Now after selecting the Mobile hotspot option next thing that you have to do is to press the Mobile hotspot button and upon your press, it turns on which is the sign of the thing that now your computer starts broadcasting your internet signals for other devices to be discovered.

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Step 6: Now check out your settings regarding Network name and Network password in the middle of the page. Locate those credentials and you need them in order to connect your devices with the computer via Wifi.


Step 7: Now this is your last step. All you have to do is to Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi network. Now at this point when your Wifi hotspot is set up on your computer, you can make a connection to it via your smartphone’s Wi-Fi menu.

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Now because there is normally two categories of Operating systems in mobile phones so there is a difference of options to connect to Wifi.

Users using iPhone should open iPhone’s Image titled Iphonesettingsappicon.png Settings, make a tap on Wifi option now select your hosted hotspot’s name, then enter the password, and tap Join.

Users using Android OS should Swipe down from the top of the screen, make a long-press on the Wi-Fi signal icon, hold or tap your hosted hotspot’s name, enter the password, and tap JOIN or CONNECT
Congratulation you make your phone connect with PC’s internet successfully.


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