How to Remove Background Noise From Your Audio File With Audacity

How to Remove Background Noise From Your Audio File With Audacity

Audacity is an open-source audio editing and recording software application. It has many important and useful options to make audio crispy and much clearer than the original audio. One of the many important operations of Audacity is how to remove background noise from your audio file with Audacity very easily. Removing background noise from your audio results in more sooth sound quality.  It is available for Windows, macOS/OS X and other operating systems like Unix etc. It is created by the Dominic Mozzoni and Roger Dannenberg who were from the University of Carnegie Mellon.



Here I will walk you through step by step how you can download, install and how to remove background noise from your audio file with Audacity. So follow me.

First, you have to download the Audacity sound recorder Just simply follow the lines to download audacity sound recorder. Let’s download it from its official website. There are different versions for different operating systems so you can choose what best suits you but here we choose for windows. Open the link given below.

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Download Audacity

After you click the link a window as shown below is open. From this window click the Audacity for windows as shown in the image below.


After you have the selected option there are multiple options to choose from. Here you have to choose Audacity zip file as shown in the image below.


You just simply click the link and download the Audacity.

Now I assume that you successfully download and install the Audacity Sound Recorder into your computer right.

After successful installation follows the steps shown below.

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First, open the Audacity Sound Recorder and press the red circled record button to record your audio.


After pressing the record button record your audio whatever you want just like I did in the image below. Remember after pressing the recording button to keep silent for 3 to 4 second so that the software can analyze your environment.


As you can see in the above image I have recorded audio to remove background noise in Audacity sound recorder. You should do the same.

Now after recording the audio, you should select the silent area of the clip and go to Effects -> Noise Reduction and click on “Get Noise Profile” and click ok.


After this press CTRL + A to select all the audio clip and again go to Effects – > Noise Reduction and if you want to change any setting you can but I would go with the default so just click ok.

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Now again press CTRL + A to select all the audio and go to Effects – > Equalization.


After pressing the option a screen shown below is pop up and you have to choose “Bass Boost” as shown with number 1 and then press “Okay” as shown with number 2.


After this setting is done select your whole audio clip by pressing the CTRL + A. Now Go to Effects -> Normalize a pop-up window as shown below is display and you just have to click OK.


Congratulations you have remove background noise with Audacity Sound Recorder successfully.

For More understanding watch my tutorial on How to Remove Background Noise From Your Audio File With Audacity.

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