How To Submit The Bug Report Request To Facebook And Others

In this tutorial, we will learn how to how to submit the bug report request to Facebook, Twitter and all famous companies in the world.

Nothing is perfect in this world whether it is a product, any system or even a person. They all have their pros and cons. No matter what type of sophisticated security or precautionary measurement is adopt there is always a chance for penetration.

As we talking about the computer system, these systems are a combination of hardware and software which make this awesome machine able to work and operation.

There is always a chance that some kind of vulnerability will attack your system and make it a failure or cause not working properly.

But if that happens most of us didn’t do anything or it can also be said we don’t what to do but there is a more modern and healthy approach for these bugs and other security vulnerabilities and that is to report about these loopholes.

The main problem that crosses our way to make a report about these bugs and hardware failures is not having the knowledge to where and how to submit the bug report request.

Now don’t worry for the solution of this problem we have gathered the most common and frequently used apps, services, and hardware manufacturers, and consolidated their forums for submitting the request about a bug in a full list.

Here are some important guidelines to submit a bug report:

Despite all the facts that we explain how to submit the bug report request for most commonly used apps, services but we would say that it is not final and ultimate. It is possible that you don’t find what you are looking for.

So, I am glad to present to you some cool tips and best practices to submit your bug report effectively.

  • Not all but some software or hardware companies provide the facilities to submit/send crash or bug report directly. You can make yourself benefit from this option if it is available.
  • If you experience any pop-up box or shown any dialogue box while error or related to bug you can take its screenshot and send it along with your main problem to the concerned department.
  • If you plan to submit your bug report to any provided forum or message board you should first read their guidelines related to the posting. Commonly these forums require you to search within the forum to see if any other person posts a similar problem already?
  • There are other forums or platforms which provide you the facility to submit your request directly to the companies. Some of the platforms are BugcrowdHackerone

Now below is the complete list of various famous and most commonly used brands for how to submit the bug report request regarding your issues.

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Adobe (Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Reader, etc)

  • Visit Adobe’s bug submission and feature request form
  •  Choose your desired product from the coming drop-down menu and you must agree to Adobe’s terms and conditions.
  •  After selecting your product you will be redirected to the bug/feature request submit page for your chosen product. complete the form and submit it.
  • If you want security vulnerabilities can be submitting directly to [email protected]

AMD: AMD is a famous hardware or graphics related company.

  • If you face any hardware or graphics-related issue and want to report that issue like hardware crashes you can use AMD’s dedicated bug report survey page.
  • Choose your desired product.
  • There is all instruction available on how to submit a bug or crashes report. Make yourself sure to include any crash or error text.


  •  If you face any difficulty or bug related issue in your apple product you can send this report via the same reporting page.
  • In case you don’t encounter any bug but want to send general feedback back to the company you can use this page.
  • If you ever encounter or want to send account-related issues, use the contact form on the Apple Developer site.


  •  if you are using the Asana’s application or web pages and want to report about their performance you can do this on the provided page at this page.
  •  In case you encounter any major issue in this product you can submit it to Asana’s bounty program.


  • Dropbox is a file storage cloud base company. If the user of this platform encounters any issue you can always send the support tick by this page and create your support ticket.
  • You will be provided with a form to fill out.
  • After filling the form you just have to submit the form.
  • Other than this there is always an option for contact’s Dropbox customer service or search the Dropbox help desk for an account- and feature-related questions or concerns.


  • Go to the web address at  bug and security report submission form
  • Now there are two options available to choose from one is for desktop or app-related bugs and other is for security vulnerabilities.
  • You must follow the given instructions and fill out the provided form to submit your report.


  • You must have to visit Evernote’s support page and log in with your Evernote account username and password.
  • Now submit your support ticket.
  •  [email protected] is a web address where you can also send security vulnerabilities report directly.


  • Firstly you have to visit Facebook’s Help Center
  • There is an option name “Reporting a Problem with Facebook” under the “Policies and Reporting” drop-down menu.
  • You have to follow the guidelines provided here and fill out all the concerned and required information and after all the information is provided you just simply submit the form.
  • Other than this you also have the choice to send security vulnerabilities to Facebook’s Bug Bounty program. If you’d like a little return for your (qualified) efforts.
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Google, Android, Chrome, and other Google Services:

Now as we all know that Google is the biggest giant in the industry and has offered many services from cloud storage to Artificial Intelligence.

So like any other service, it is a chance that sometime you will encounter any problem. If this happens luckily there are options on how to submit the bug report request to aware the top management related to the matter.


  • Open the Chrome browser on your desktop PC or laptop.
  • Click the three dots icons on the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Go to Help then go to the option “Report an issue.
  • Here you have to Write your bug report and make sure to include as much information as possible to make your agenda clear and understandable easily.
  • Now finally “Send” your report.

Android OS bugs and other Google Apps/services:

  • You have to visit Google’s page for reporting security vulnerabilities.
  • Here select your desired option that fits your issue best and follows the guidelines to submit your report.
  • Other than this Google also offers a bug bounty program, which you can utilize here.


If you ever face any kind of difficulty or issues in using Instagram or any of its function you can submit the bug report as follows:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile section.
  • Now tap over the three stacked like lines menu icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap the settings icon shaped like gear like.
  • Scroll down the tap option “Report a Problem” in the “Support” section of your Options screen.
  • Follow the instructions and fill out all the required information.

Other than all issues if you want to report security-related issues or problems you can submit your request via Facebook’s bounty program.


If you want to submit your bug report on the Lyft platform you can use this page to submit issues and bugs for the Lyft app and website. Lyft also has a bug bounty program, but it’s invite-only.


Microsoft is well known for its Windows OS.

Windows 10:

If you ever encounter any bug or problem in Windows 10 Operating System you can report the request in the following way.

  • First, from the Start Menu you have to open the Window 10 Feedback Hub or by typing “Feedback Hub” into the search field on your desktop’s taskbar.
  • Now next step is to click “Report a Bug” and follow the instructions to send in your issue.
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If you are an Xbox user and want to report bug vulnerabilities you can go to Xbox Insider and here you can make a report by holding down the Xbox button on your controller and using the “Report a problem” option.

Security Vulnerabilities:

In case you find/discover a security concern for any of the multiple Microsoft products submits it to Microsoft’s bounty program.

This program handles bug reports concerning all the Microsoft product’s security vulnerabilities and responds accordingly.

Moreover, you can use the following email address to send security issues related to any Microsoft product [email protected]

You can submit a Firefox related bug report by visiting  Mozilla’s bug report page

Netflix provides easy to use the online submission form to report Netflix report playback bug or performance issue.

Other than this Netflix’s bug bounty program handles security vulnerabilities.


In order to Submit errors related to software bugs, errors, hardware issues, and other concerns through the official  Nintendo Support contact page.


In the case of general queries or bugs, the report uses this Nvidia’s official request page Nvidia support page.

Finally, you can send security bugs report or vulnerabilities report to the e-mail at [email protected]

Paypal and Venmo:

There is a Paypal’s Paypal’s bug bounty where you can submit all your issues related concerns.


If you are using Reddit and want to post any issue so you need to go to  r/bugs subreddit

Here you can send security issues to email at [email protected] other than this you can use the bug bounty subreddit

In Slack for sending bug’s report related to technical issues or performance issues, you can send your concern it to [email protected] or by this contact form

You can also send your bug’s report to any of the like any other  Slack’s bounty program.


Snapchat is a social sharing application that is used by millions of users worldwide and it is very popular among all age group members.


  • Twitter offers bug report submission form for both web versions and for applications.
  • There is a tweeting method that you can use to Tweet your problems. You can make a tweet at @TwitterSupport.
  • Twitter owns very strong Hacker One bounty program for finding, reporting and fixing security vulnerabilities also.

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