How To Use Special Characters In WordPress Posts And Pages

In this WordPress tutorial, you will learn about how to use special characters in WordPress posts and pages in multiple ways.


Do you ever think that how most of the popular websites decorate their text with relevant special characters and symbols in their WordPress posts and pages? Luckily it is quite simple and you can do this also.

How To Use Special Characters In WordPress

WordPress offers a large range of special characters and symbols for their users. These characters are very helpful and tell about your content.  Using WordPress visual editor is recommended because it is very easy to use and time-saving.

These special characters can be a sign, mathematical symbols, arrow or any other character.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to add special characters and symbols in WordPress posts and pages. You can add these symbols by using a visual editor, HTML entries or plugins. You can choose whatever options suits you best.

Adding Special Characters In WordPress Classic Editor

If you are using the WordPress old classic editor then it is a piece of cake for you to add special characters and symbols in WordPress by following the simple steps.

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First, go to the left-hand admin panel and click on Add New under Posts heading to add a new post.


After you click the Add New a WordPress post window with all the buttons will display in front of you.


Now click on the special icon button available on the icons menu to open the special symbols window.


After you click on this icon a window with all the available special characters and symbols appears.


From this window, you can use any icon of your desire according to your content nature.  I recommend using it because this is super easy.

If you want to add some other special character or symbol that is not available into the above table then you can use it by typing its HTML code in the text editor.

For this switch to the Text editor mode and type your desired HTML code to add relevant special characters in WordPress.



Now, these codes converted into special characters or symbols when you switch back to the Visual editor mode or when you publish your post.

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You can find many useful HTML codes to use special characters in WordPress on this HTML Code entities page.

How To Use Smilies In WordPress Posts

Smilies also called as “emoticons” is really a great way to express your emotions or feeling associated with your content or message.  Now just like to use special characters in WordPress this is also very easy.

You can use smilies into your WordPress posts by using a combination of punctuation marks. See the example below.


We have provided a number of smilies with their code for you to use in your WordPress posts easily. Just type the code and WordPress automatically converts those code into smilies for you.



Adding Symbols And Special Characters In WordPress Using Plugins

If you don’t use classic editor for adding special characters in WordPress you have an option of doing it with WordPress plugins.

For this, you need a WordPress plugin called Insert Special Characters. You need to download and activate this plugin.

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In your WordPress Gutenberg post editor find a drop-down arrow and by clicking on that select the special character’s option. See the image below.


After this, all the special characters show up in a window you can click on any icon and it will be added into your post.

Adding Special Characters Using HTML Code Entities

HTML(HyperText Markup Language) code entities are simple HTML codes that browsers understand and converted them into relevant special characters and symbols automatically.

You can use WordPress Class Editor or WordPress Gutenberg these HTML codes works everywhere.

For doing this first switch to Text editor mode and here you can use any HTML code that you want to use as a special character.


When you publish or preview your post you can see that all your HTML code entities converted into relevant symbols.


You can see lots of HTML code entities here.

Congratulations, you are now able to use special characters in WordPress Posts successfully in both WordPress Class and Gutenberg editor.


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