How YouTube Content ID Works For YouTube Copyright Material

In this post, I am going to tell you about the YouTube Content ID and how it helps in identifying YouTube Copyright Material and how this system helps the original content creators in safeguard their work.


What is YouTube Content ID

YouTube Content ID is a high tech system base on the fingerprint technology developed by tech giant Google. The main focus of this system is to identify and points out the copyrighted material uploaded on YouTube. Whenever the system detects any kind of copyrighted content whether it is audio or video it notifies the original content creators that have the exclusive right of that content about the use of his audio/video content. Now it’s the original creator’s choice to take down that copied content or receive the money generated by that content.

How YouTube Content ID Works

At first, when the original content owner uploads his content to YouTube he has to give his audio/video reference files to the YouTube that shows the this is their exclusive work and YouTube keeps these reference files at his database for future use. The YouTube fingerprint system creates a unique pattern against these references files and stores them. Now whenever a video is uploaded on YouTube content ID scans that video and matches against the unique fingerprint pattern that is allocated to the original content creator. Content ID recognizes the uploaded file’s audio/video and if there is a match between Content ID pattern and uploaded video a notification is sent to the original creator.

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Now the creator has the three options to do in this case.

  1. Block that video.
  2. Monetize that video and get all the revenue generated by that video.
  3. Use this video to get detailed statistics about in which part of the world this video is uploaded and how this type of content is popular in that region of the world.

It is a great responsibility of YouTube to make sure the security of the content owners and for this from beginning to til YouTube has spent $100 million dollars towards this system.

Eligibility Criteria For YouTube Content ID

It is not necessary that only big YouTube channels get the content ID it can be awarded to small channels who have less than 50 or 100 subscribers. But there is some condition which must be fulfilled in order to get the content ID. The conditions are as below:

  • Your video/audio should belong to you exclusively.
  • Your channel should not be based on video gameplay, software visuals, trailers
  • unlicensed music and video (means you use some part of the audio/video of someone else in your video.)
  • music or video that was licensed, but without exclusivity
  • recordings of performances (including concerts, events, speeches, shows)
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Register For YouTube Content ID

If you want to enjoy the exclusive benefits of YouTube Content ID for identifying if anyone ever copies your YouTube copyright material then go to this form fill it out carefully according to your own preferences and click the submit button. Normally YouTube takes 30 days for reviewing your application and within these 30 days YouTube reply’s and notifies you whether your application for obtaining YouTube Content ID is rejected or accepted.

In case your application rejected in the first attempt so don’t worry you can re-submit the application form after some days and by improving your content.

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