HTML Editors For Learning HTML

HTML editors are software used to write HTML codes. It varies from a simple text editor Notepad to a number of modern HTML editors with extra functionalities. 

 But it is recommended that you start with the basic text editor like Notepad and as you gain confidence and experience you gradually get your hands on more advanced editors. 

Always save your file with the “.html” extension for all of your HTML files. 

Some of the popular HTML editors are as follows: 


Hello World In HTML Editors

Now follow the instructions and I will walk you through step by step to create your first HTML file in HTML editor. 


Open Notepad In Windows

Locate the Notepad in the following location

Open Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

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Now copy and paste the following code in your Notepad

Code in Notepad should be like this


Good Work!

Now save the file in your desired location with your desired name but don’t forget to have “.html” extension with the name. 

It is recommended that you should choose Encoding to UTF-8.


Great Work!

Now its time to view your HTML file on the browser. Don’t worry just follow the instructions. 

Open your saved HTML file in your browser if you did everything right you should see the result as below. 

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If you have the same result then Congratulations you have done a great job today. 

HTML Online Editor To HTML Code

We have provided you the free online editor functionality to edit, view, and run your HTML code in your browser straight ahead. 

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