HTML Elements Explained

HTML Elements are consist of an opening tag then some content comes and then a closing tag that is the whole structure of HTML elements. 

What are HTML Elements And How They Works

HTML elements are basically defined by a string tag. This string tag starts with an opening tag and some pieces of content and then closes with an end tag. 

Demo Of HTML Element

<p> This is a Paragraph </p>

The <p> is called an opening tag and “This is a Paragraph” is a piece of content and at last </p> is called an ending tag and collectively all this is called HTML Element. 


Opening TagContnetClosing Tag
<h1>This is Heading</h1>
<p>This is Paragraph</p>
HTML Elements Example

What are Nested HTML Elements?

By nested HTML elements, we mean elements that can contain other elements inside of them. 

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Below HTML elements example contains four elements such as <html> <body> <h1> <p>

HTML Elements Explained

The working of the above HTML elements are as follows

The <html>element is the root of every web page. Every web page starts with it and all the other HTML elements are coming under it. 

Inside the <html> element there is <body>element. All the visible content that you see on your screen comes inside this element. 

Then comes the two other important elements such as <h1>and <p>

The first element is used to declare headings in the HTML document and the other is used to define paragraphs. 

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HTML Break Element

HTML break element defines with <br>tag. It is responsible for a line break and moves the character to the next line. 

It has no end tag like other HTML elements. 

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