HTML Tags are really helpful in starting up your HTML journey. These HTML tags or elements help in organizing the structure of your website and web page.

It also helps in doing formatting about layouts, image position, or main menu style on your website. 

Basic Structure Of HTML Document

Every HTML Document can be divided into various parts that will help us in understanding the working of each part easily. 

  • Every HTML Document begins with type declaration which tells the browser that the current document is a HTML type document. Type declaration is <!DOCTYPE html>.
  • The <html> is a basic HTML Tag used as the root of any HTML page or website. All the HTML tags or elements go into <html> tag. This tag starts with <html> and it must ends with </html> 
  • The <head> tag contains all the important information about the website or web page like it contains the title of the web page and many other types of metadata information. It starts with opening tag <head> and must end with closing tag </head>
  • The <title> tag comes inside the <head> tag and it contains the title of the web page. It also begins with opening tag <title> and ends with closing tag </title>
  • The <body> holds all the data that we see visible on the computer screen. All the HTML tags that go into this tag will be visible on the screen. It holds all the heading, paragraphs, audio, video, and link tags. It starts with opening tag <body> and end with closing </body> tag. 

HTML Document Basic Example

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>This is my First Heading</h1>
<p>This is my first paragraph.</p>



HTML Headings

HTML Headings comes in six different categories from <h1> to <h6>  in which HTML heading <h1> is the main heading and then comes all the subsequent headings levels. 

<h1> HTML Heading 1</h1>
<h2> HTML Heading 2</h2>
<h3> HTML Heading 3</h3>
<h4> HTML Heading 4</h4>
<h5> HTML Heading 5</h5>
<h6> HTML Heading 6</h6>

HTML Paragraphs

The HTML Paragraphs tags are used to write paragraphs in our web pages. It starts with opening <p> and then ends with closing </p> tag. 

To break the line we use the HTML tag break as <br > it works as carriage return. It movies one line down. 


    WalkIntoPC Paragraph 1<br>  
    WalkIntoPC Paragraph 2<br> 
    WalkIntoPC Paragraph 3<br> 

HTML Link Tag

HTML Link Tag is used to make a link between two websites or within the same website between two different posts. 

HTML Link tag define with anchor tag as <a> and it ends with closing tag as </a>

The href means hyper reference it contains the destination link. 

<a href="">This is a link tag</a>

There are many other HTML Tags that are very important for their different kinds of operations which we learn in the upcoming HTML Tutorials. 

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