Introduction And Features Of Python Programming Language

In this Introduction to Python Programming Language, you will learn about the world’s dynamic and easy to understand programming language from beginning to advance in a very easy to understand way.

We have divided this Introduction to Python Programming in the following section to give you a complete overview of this world’s one of the top programming languages that can transform your life totally.

Let’s get dig into the Python Programming Language containing the World’s fast-growing programming community.

What is the Python Programming Language?

Python Language is dynamic, multi-purpose, Object-oriented, interpreted and high-level scripting language. It is created by a person name Guido van Rossum during the period from 1985 to 1990 and from then to till new features and advancements are added to this language.

The source code of Python is publically available for every person under the GNU platform for General Public License(GPL). Its syntax is easy for every new beginner who wants to learn a programming language for the very first time.

Pre-requisite for learning this programming language

You don’t have to be a computer expert or math guru learn this but what you only have to know is to use the computer and if you have knowledge of some basic terminologies of programming language then this is the plus point for you. Keep you remind that most important thing you need is Passion and Consistency.

History Of Python Programming Language:

Guido van Rossum is a man behind is a dynamic language. He started developing Python Langauge at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands in the period of the 1980s and able to release in February 1991.

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Python is made by observing many other programming languages like SmallTalk, Unix shell, ABC, Modula-3, C, and C++.  Guido van  Rossum is still keeping the vital position in making progress of this language along with a core development team.

How the name Python derived?

Most of the people think that the name “Python” is taken from a dangerous snake name but that’s not true the fact is the creator of this language Guido van Rossum is a big fan of a comedy series and this name is taken from that series
Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Features Of Python Programming Language

Python programming is loaded with rich modern features that make this language so much useful. The following are the main features of Python.

Python is Interpreted:  Python is interpreted language means it makes its code run at runtime. There is no need for any codding person to compile their code first and then execute it to show their code at the output screen.

A beginner’s language: If a person wants to learn code can learn Python easily as compared to other programming languages. Python enriches with a very simple and easy to understand syntax. It is the best choice for beginners to start their codding journey with Python.

It is Free and Open-Source: It is free and open-source means you can use its code even for commercially. You are able to make changes to its source code and after you made changes to its source code a large python community constantly observing and then do approval for your code.

Portability: Python supports portability feature very smartly means a code written by you in Windows Operating System can run on Mac OS or Linux without any changes. Great!

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Extensible and Embeddable: This feature of Python is like out of the box. Python language allows other languages to embed in its code and work with another language.

In this way, an application can adopt some great functionality from other languages and high-level scripting capabilities from Python language. The application develops this way and has both language features which most of the language may not provide.

So many standard libraries available: There are many of the standard libraries of this language available that makes this language easy to use in sense suppose a developer want to do some task so he doesn’t have to write all the code but pick up the code from the library and use it in their code.

Python language supported by an active community consists of hundreds of programmers or developers around the globe so you don’t have to worry about the code breaks up.

Object-oriented: It supports the Object-Oriented Programmer (OOP) technique of programming which allows a programmer, developer or a person who is writing code that he can divide the difficult problem into smaller sections by creating objects.

Operating Systems Supported By Python Programming Language

Python supports most of the modern operating system which is as follows:

  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix.
  • PDA’s, Tablets and Android systems.
  • iPods and Gaming consoles.

Major Version Updates In Python Language

Major Update Of Python LanguageRelease Dates
Python 1.0 (Very First Official standard release)January 1994
Python 2.0
Following are the main features in this release:
A new fundamental data type: Unicode strings
List Comprehensions
Augmented Assignment
October 16, 2000
Python 2.5
Following are the main features in this release:
Conditional Expressions
Partial Function Application
Unified try/except/finally
The ‘with’ statement
and more
August 2006
Python 2.5
Following are the main features in this release:
Conditional Expressions
Partial Function Application
Unified try/except/finally
The ‘with’ statement
and more
August 2006
Python 3.0
Following are the main features in this release:
The print statement is now a print function
Views And Iterators Instead Of Lists
Ordering Comparisons
Text Vs. Data Instead Of Unicode Vs. 8-bit
Changes To Exceptions
and the list goes on.
February 14, 2009
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What is the use of Python Programming?

Python programming is using from a small tick to game to a big-budget software. Python is used to create:

  • Web Apps ( such as Mailman, Allura, Bloodhound, etc. )
  • Desktop Software ( such as Bit Torrent, Bazaar, Cinema 4D, etc.)
  • Games ( such as Civilization IV, Battlefield 2, Unity of command, etc. )

Companies that using Python Programming Langauge

You are get amazed by seeing how this awesome programming language is used in these giant companies. Companies that use Python are as

  • NASA using Python for space programs.
  • Maya which is a well known and giant company in the gaming world using Python language for their 3D animation, simulation, and rendering software.
  • Google a technology giant is using Python along with other languages like C++ and Java.
  • Youtube world’s biggest video sharing website uses Python programming in its search engine.
  • Yahoo uses Python.
  • DropBox a cloud storage company using Python for their services.
  • a social sharing website used by millions of people around the world is entirely developed on Python Programming Language.
  • For further details about the companies using Python check out the link.



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