What is CC and BCC in Email and What is Difference In CC And BCC

Today we are going to learn about What is CC and BCC in Email? and how we can use them in our e-mails.

Both CC and BCC terminologies are not specifically for Gmail but almost available in every e-mail service working in the world. In fact, if I am not wrong it a standard in internet communication to have these functionalities with the e-mail service. Both of these functionalities work almost the same way to send the messages to additional people other than the ones with addresses written in section “To” section. Now we will learn about both of these in detail.


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What is CC in Email Service

CC stands for “Carbon Copy”. In our daily life when we place a single sheet of carbon paper between two paper sheets and start writing on the upper paper. While writing on the upper paper with the pressure of writing the image of the same text is also printed to the paper in the bottom because of carbon paper. Similarly, in email services, Carbon Copy or simply CC is a method to deliver the same message to additional people.

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To Vs CC in E-mail Services

Both functions of To and CC are the same to send the email to the concerned parties. Generally, the CC is used to send a copy of the original message to some other guy who is interested in your document for information.

The persons whose email addresses are into the field are also able to see the email address which is in the CC section.

For example, you are a manager at some organization and you want to send some orders to your downline employees but also want to send a copy of your order to your boss. So, you put all your downline employee’s email addresses in the To field but you can’t include your boss’s email address in the To field because it shows that you are ordering your boss to follow the same order.

In this case, you just put your boss’s email address in the CC field. When you send your email a copy of this email with CC caption will send to your boss and along with this, your employees will also get noticed that a copy of this order also goes to the boss.

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CC Vs BCC in E-mail Services

Suppose you are in a situation where you want to send some kind of important order to your downline team and your boss also but you don’t want your downline team to know about the delivery of the order to the boss.

In this situation, if you use CC field your general recipients which are your downline team can see that a copy of this order also sent to the boss. So, at this point, the solution is BCC which stands for Blind Carbon Copy.

The main difference between CC and BCC in email services is this that, when you put your boss email address in the BCC field no one except you (sender) knows about the delivery of order’s copy to the boss even if you put more than 1 email address in the BCC list the members can only able to see their own email address on the list.

Other than this member in the BCC list can see all other members like the ones in the CC field or To field.

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Point of Focus About CC, BCC Email Replies:

It needs to remember that members in the CC can see each other’s email addresses and also can see replies on the same email or thread. But the members in the BCC field can’t reply to each other.

For example, If I sent an email to Mr. Jawaad which is in the CC list and Mr. Hamza which is in the BCC list. So, Mr. Hamza also gets the original email that I send to Mr. Jawaad. But the point is if Mr. Jawaad replies to me in this case Mr. Hamza won’t get a copy of Mr. Jawaad’s reply because in view of Mr. Hamza’s email privacy it can’t see that Mr. Jawaad ever received the email so the question of receiving a reply is absolute null.

Mostly BCC proves to be very useful if you want to send an email to the mass number of people and you don’t want them to each other’s email address.

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