What is Computer Vision Technology?


In this article, I will tell you about Computer Vision a rapidly growing technology. This technology helps a lot in many fields.

What is Computer Vision Technology?

According to Wikipedia

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers can be made to gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos.

In light of the above definition, we can say that this is a branch of modern computer science that helps computers in identifying, understanding and process images like humans do.

It is like putting human-like senses inside the computer system so they can see, understand images and produce relevant output.

But working with computer vision is not an easy task because it involves complicated logic and calculations to do.

Computer Vision is really like AI (Artificial Intelligence) as it also interprets, understands and processes images and videos smartly.

The purpose of Computer Vision technology is to see the images but also process them and give useful output to the user.


A computer with Computer Vision Technology can create 3D images from 2D images. It can identify objects like humans or animals and give useful information about their movements.

For instance, a car equipped with this technology can provide useful data regarding traffic lights, humans on roads, identifying traffic signals and so on.

This kind of intelligent machine can save people life as it automatically reacts and stops the car if there are any objects comes in the middle of the road.

Application of Computer Vision Technology

The application of this technology covers has the scope of use in almost every field of the world. It can truly increase production and efficiency.

Coverage of this technology comes from the industrial machine system to the self-driving car and to the production lines of industries.

I have mentioned below some of the many fields which this technology covers.

  • Helping in image processing and identifying objects
  • Automatic inspection regarding any error or fault in the manufacturing industry
  • In doing automated tasks including working with robots
  • computer-human interaction like the self-driving car or smart robots
  • In the medical field for image analysis
  • Maintaining information in the database and provide useful information to the users as output

A typical task of this technology includes ways for acquiring, processing and output relevant results after understanding digital images and videos.

It extracts dimensional data or and important information to produce numerical information to make important decisions.


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