YouTube Community Guideline Policy 2019 Update

Like any other successful company out there in the world, YouTube also makes changes to its policies to provide a safe and transparent environment for their audience.

When anyone violates these policies they get a strike or in general a punishment from YouTube. In YouTube policies are of two types as follows:

  • Community Guidelines Policies Violations
  • Copyright Violations

Now the question is what is the difference in both of the above policies and on what grounds we make them different from each other. The answer is

Community Guidelines Policies Violations are applied when anybody breaks a set of rules made by YouTube for their online community like how and what type of content should be created or how one behaves with that content.

Copyright Violations are applied to the content creator when he uses a video clip, sound or any other motion graphics without the permission of the original creator of that content. In this case, you can get a copyright violation strike which can seriously damage your channel or in severe cases, your channel can be terminated.

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Here we only talk about the update presented by YouTube regarding their Community Guideline Policy 2019. The official announcement regarding YouTube Community Guideline is held on 19th February 2019 and YouTube says that most of the content creators don’t break the rules intentionally but sometimes they unable to understand the rules clearly so, this time YouTube makes their policy very clear and starts implementing it from the 25th February. So, in this period all people can understand the policy clearly.

Now the question is what changes made in this YouTube Community Guideline Update 2019. Here are them.

After the 25th February 2019 all channels on YouTube whenever they will come in the community violation they don’t get any penalty or strike but to the extent that their videos are just removed. Basically, it is a warning that you should beware of your activities we are watching you. Remember that this warning comes only 1 time in the life span of your YouTube channel and you will never receive this warning again and this warning will never expire in 90 days like in case of a copyright strike.

  • And if someone will not restrain from their illegal or violating actions and gets a strike now this time YouTube restrains this person from having live-streaming or uploading new content on their channel for one-week and this strike will expire in 90 days period.
  • Now in this 90 days period of the 1st strike if this alleged person did something that violates the Community Guidelines this person will receive a second strike from YouTube and this time uploading new content, using channels different features and going live on stream become unable for the period of two-weeks.
  • Now the most dangerous part comes, in case this person because of any of his actions get a third and final strike his channel will be gone forever.
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Another notable thing that these YouTube Community Guidelines Policy will not only apply on videos but also applies to your Custome Thumbnails, Info Cards, YouTube Stories, and links provided in your Video Description.  As you are not allowed to provide any spammy website link in the description of your video or otherwise you will get Community violation.

Despite all these warnings and strikes YouTube always facilitates their Content Creators as it provides the option to go for an appeal against your YouTube Community Guideline Violation if you think you receive it by any mistake or other technical faults.

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